Most people are unaware that VNC is HIGHLY INSECURE.  To help them understand, I wrote this tiny
program, vncspy.  All it does is sniff network traffic, and report VNC key strokes that it sees.

So, for example, if an engineer insists on using VNC to log in from his Windows machine into your
network whenever he wants from home, try leaving vncspy running for a while.  I like to use the

    sudo vncspy eth0 | tee keylog

Note that you need to run vncspy as root.  You can either su root, or sudo.

This will sniff all keystrokes he enters from home to his VNC server.  Assuming he has to enter
his user name and password to log-on, you should see his user name in the keylog, followed by his
password.  It's that simple!

When you get his password, try writing it on a sticky-note, and pasting it on his monitor.  I've
found showing people their passwords to be very effective at improving their security habits.

For more information, see the README file.